Welcome to Tunnel Visions! Tunnelvisions.eu is a blog devoted to sustainability aspects within tunnel construction projects, different expert visions on these sustainability aspects and other topics relevant to (underground) infrastructures, sustainability and urban planning. This home page features the latest blog posts, on the about page you can find out how I got started on this blog. Enjoy reading!

opiauteur egmond klaas van

Klaas van Egmond: A vision on the value of a tunnel

A vision on value – Is a sustainable tunnel possible?   Klaas van Egmond started his career with... Lees meer >>

Reduce the global environmental impact of rapid infrastructure expansion

Worldwide infrastructures are growing explosively. A group of scientists is worrying about the plans... Lees meer >>
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London: Sustainable soil management

What to do with excavated soil?! That’s a question only relevant for underground construction proj... Lees meer >>
Ab Schreuders 1

Ab Schreuders’ visie op vernieuwend ondergronds bouwen (NL)

Ab Schreuders richtte in 1998 de Stichting A.M. Schreuders op om vernieuwingen in het ondergronds bo... Lees meer >>
Maastunnel ventilatiegebouw 1

Rotterdam: Landmark

Because of its aesthetic and experiential qualities   The Maastunnel was the first traffic and unde... Lees meer >>
Infra Actie Sept 44 uitsnede WNI 2

William van Niekerk: A vision on sustainable leadership

Are we ready for the Game Changers?   William van Niekerk is director Corporate Social Responsibili... Lees meer >>
maastricht groene loper

Maastricht: Landscape Integration

Green carpet treatment for the city of Maastricht An ongoing tunnel construction project in the Neth... Lees meer >>
smart kuala lumpur algemene foto

Kuala Lumpur: Multifunctionality

An example of smart and climate proof urban planning for mega cities   This tunnel project is not v... Lees meer >>
Amsterdam eerste deel grachten

Experience the creation of Amsterdam's canals

One thing I want to recommend everyone with the slightest interest in urban planning: visit the muse... Lees meer >>
Visualisierung A7 Tunnel Schnelsen

Hamburg: Noise

Tunnel park project will reconnect Hamburg’s neighborhoods and reduce noise They’re going to bu... Lees meer >>